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 Rob Reviews: Gran Turismo 5

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Rob Reviews: Gran Turismo 5 Empty
PostSubject: Rob Reviews: Gran Turismo 5   Rob Reviews: Gran Turismo 5 Icon_minitimeWed Dec 22, 2010 12:30 pm

The Gran Turismo series has been critically acclaimed since it's debut on the Playstation One, each installment has been a pioneer in graphical engineering, and has boasted itself as "The real driving simulator". After a five year wait, the highly anticipated fifth (exclusing spinoffs) installment of the series has been released for the Playstation 3.

The simple version is this, if I asked myself "Is this game worth half a decade of work?" I would have to answer "no". Though there is a large amount of content, the focus seems to have been placed where it doesn't need to have been. For example, there are 1000+ cars available, yet only about 150-200 of these are "premium", these are the only ones that can have visual upgrades applied or have interior views for driving. On top of this, there are several versions of the SAME car available, I must have seen atleast a dozen different Nissan Skylines in the used car dealership alone.
Areas such as customisation are left largely untouched, with perhaps 3 different spoilers and skirts available per car. The 150 premium cars are the only ones that allow wheels to be changed, and even then the selection is pretty limited. Even under the hood tinkering isn't as prominant as it was in previous games, there are only approximately 30 upgrades available, and most of these are either off limits, staged upgrades, or chosing between multiple options.
However, the racing is where it really matters, so let's look at that. Driving in this game, is very, very fun. There may be races with limitations that are challenging, but most of the events are easily beaten by using a ridiculously overpowered car. The hardest events are the licenses and specials, which usually put you in one car against the clock on a certain bit of track, trying to shave that last 0.2 of a second by pushing your cars steering to the limits is fun at first, but after the first 20 attempts (and subsequent long waits to restart) it does get tiresome. Though, it does teach you many ways in which to improve your driving skills, which begins to come in very useful in events where you're evenly matched to your competition.
There is also "B-Spec" mode, a career where you own your own AI racer, and must coach him through the same events that you can compete in. This mode is not for everyone, as it does take a long time before your racer is competant enough to consistantly overtake opponents without spinning out, but you will win money and prize cars for doing well.
The soundtrack to this game is excellent, the music in menus does get repetitive after a while, but ingame there are some excellent songs to listen to while hurtling around a corner at 100mph. You are able to add your own music from your PS3, so even if the music is not your taste, its easy to replace it.
Backtracking to my original question, I'd still have to say this game is not worth 5 years of waiting, but it is most definately a fantastic game in its own right.

Tl;dr version:

Good: Lengthy game, alot to do, great sound, a challenge without being impossible, cars are fun and realistic to drive
Bad: Inconsistant graphics/difficulty, customisation is small and confusing for beginners, long load times

Rob Reviews: Gran Turismo 5 Irrele10
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Rob Reviews: Gran Turismo 5
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