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 Why Rob hates piracy (and to some extent, hacking)

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Why Rob hates piracy (and to some extent, hacking) Empty
PostSubject: Why Rob hates piracy (and to some extent, hacking)   Why Rob hates piracy (and to some extent, hacking) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 11:38 am

Long read, I warn you.

Don't get me wrong, I've pirated my fair share of shit, I probably have in excess of 10GB of music alone, but hey, being a hypocrit is something we're all pretty good at these days, besides, I love a good complain.

"What caused this sudden need to complain, Rob?" I hear you ask.

Well, I today read an article on gamespot Link here about Anonymous (Yeah, these idiots again) supposedly attacking Sony for the recent issue with George Hotz, the main person behind the recent jailbreaking of PS3's. This got me thinking, who is in the wrong?

First off, the hackers are. Despite the supposed "good" they're doing, trying to bring the homebrew back, all this information was ever going to do was end up in the hands of piraters and allow them to steal from games companies. I'm all for bringing back the features that were deleted, but the irony is that these features were deleted because of hackers to begin with. The homebrew allowed piracy to occur, and instead of waiting to try and fix it, Sony basically said "If you can't all behave, then no toys for you".
Something they were perfectly within their rights to do.

The arguements against the action Sony took against Hotz are poor, they may not be able to control what anyone does to their console, but as soon as this person uses it to impede on anothers use of the system, it is an issue they have an obligation to solve. They could have probably found a way to fix the break, but the internet works fast, there were quickly thousands of places to get the information and a fair number of people were be using it for less-than-legal means.

This is a good example of hacking and piracy hurting a community while claiming to be for its benefit.

Moving back to the main topic, is piracy wrong?

Well, in a nutshell, it's stealing. It's minoritally more justifiable than stealing physical things, but it's stealing none-the-less. Just because you're getting a carbon-copy of some form of software or file as opposed to taking a specific prouct away does not mean it's a perfectly viable option. If you spent money making something and intended to make a profit, and then instead of buying it, everyone just copied it and got it for free, you'd be pretty fucking annoyed. So why do we all feel fine doing it so much?

There are several justifications I've heard (or used), "It's too expensive", "I couldn't find it legally", "I have no way of getting it right now without pirating", "It's not like I'm hurting anyone"
All of which are pretty useless.

Can't afford something? Tough shit, you don't get to own it, that's why we invented currency to begin with.
Can't find it? Tough shit, it exists, you could find it with enough effort, alternatively, you were too late, get over it.
Can't pay for it? Tough shit, you think something not being accessable to you means you're entitled to break the law to get it?
As for not hurting anyone? Well, look back at the example I gave above, you are hurting every single person who worked to create whatever it is you stole.

Regardless of the media you're "obtaining", someone is losing out every time you click that download button. We're all guilty of doing it, but for some reason none of us care.

I'd like someone to try and argue back on this one, this giant wall of text is only the tip of an iceburg of opinions I have lined up.

Why Rob hates piracy (and to some extent, hacking) Irrele10
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Why Rob hates piracy (and to some extent, hacking)
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