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All rping and big fancy schmancy buisness talks will officially be taken here from now on.
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 RP specific rules

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I can quit RP anytime I want. I just dont want to
I can quit RP anytime I want. I just dont want to

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RP specific rules Empty
PostSubject: RP specific rules   RP specific rules Icon_minitimeSun Sep 12, 2010 12:44 am

Okay so here are some guidelines and rules that apply specifically to RP. Especially this RP section since there is no like already pre-established set of rules that usually apply with forums that are rping based off an existing universe (such as naruto, bleach and etc.) so here we go:

Let's start off with how to RP, RPing on a forum is alot different from doing it on a chat box. For starters, the use of *'s are severely limited. You dont use them for your actions though you could possibly use em for some things like yawning midsentance perhaps. Also there is a word expectation which for us shall be about 2 lines or around 80-100 words at least. You don't need to keep track of the words but please try to at least post more than one line per post.

Okay secondly, most RPers talk in third person, for example:

Emily was leaning to a wall of a building. There was a nervous man, trying to hire her to kill someone. She just calmly listened to the mans mumbling while she held her hand resting on her black katana. She looked sad and her front hair that had been let to grow so long that it was on her eyes made her face look even more like crying.

Though this isn't the ebst example, this is a decent post. The psoter showed his/her characters feelings and what they were thinking/doing to lengthen the post and add detail. You should too!

Okay now onto other things:

1. The creater of a topic/RP is kinda like the DM they establish the ground rules and naturally should be the ones setting the story or scenario up so you should listen to them for the most part. They also can apply specific rules they want to thier RP like "no use of guns or weapons allowed" and jsut because it isn't in these rules does't mean you don't have to obey them.

2: no really sexual stuff. This isn't supposed to be an XXX rated forum >_>

3. if you wanna say something out of character. Make sure it's easily identifiable and away from your in character post. make sure to begin the statement with some form of OOC: *insert stuff here*

Anywas, those are the rules for now. More will be posted if necessary
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RP specific rules
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