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 starting rp's

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I can quit RP anytime I want. I just dont want to
I can quit RP anytime I want. I just dont want to

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PostSubject: starting rp's   starting rp's Icon_minitimeSat Sep 18, 2010 5:29 pm

Okay so here is a tiny gudie for those of you who wanna start RP's but dont know how to go about doing it. Granted, I am probably not the best one to be teaching it but I will give it a shot anyways so here we go.....

Ways to start RP's:

the "build it yourself!" idea:

Now this is what I guess you could call the "Rob" approach to doing stuff, it is lazy and although it gives alot of freedom to RPers it can end up being a fail thread if those RPers don't work together to try and make interesting stuff happen.

The way to make a thread like this is simple, just post a basic setting like "it is 2033 and everyone has died of aids..." and etc. And maybe post a few rules to stop from any abuse by RPers. Nothing more than that, dont include a planned plot or anything for the RPers to really go off of. As the title suggests you are basically giving the tools to the RPers and yelling loudly "BUILD IT YOURSELF!"

The "casting call" idea:

Now this is a mostly used method of creating RP's where you establish a setting and a plot (either really detailed or not detailed). It is practically the format used for most RP's where the thread poster establishes the story, the setting and a major even or soemthing that is going on that the RPer's can go off of ALSO it usually involves a template that all RPers who want to join must fill otu indicating such thigns as thier OC's race,sex and etc.

Now the reason I call this a "casting call" idea is because most of the time the poster of the thread will have pre-planned roles that are going to be filled out by the RPers who join such as "the good guy" or "the town blacksmith" now though this may seem to restrict creativity for an RPer's OC it really doesn't I mean sure they may HAVE to be the town blacksmith but it doesn't mean the RPer can't make them the coolest or lamest blacksmith ever and make him interesting. Over all, this is a good way to make RP's

The "free style" idea:

This is basically a small deviation from the idea above where instead of having roles that must be filled the poster of the thread let's everyone make up their own roles as they make OC's and such.

Honestly, there are probably a ton more ways to start up RP's so feel free to mention your own and I will add em up here if ya want.
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starting rp's
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