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 Character Development template and guide

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Character Development template and guide Empty
PostSubject: Character Development template and guide   Character Development template and guide Icon_minitimeWed Sep 22, 2010 3:03 pm

k so dis how it work.

Most rpz yuz dis thin called an oc. Dis shrot 4 original character. not as ez at it sound tho. So here guide 4 u guise it goin 2 b awsm k? Sum1 sicky dis bcuz it informational.


Name: The character's name. Probably the hardest part of the creation process (in my opinion). It's significantly less difficult if the person is 'average' since you can essentially mash any two names together. In fact, walk to your local cemetery and write down lists of first and last names. That almost always will suffice since you can splice them as you see fit.

Ethnicity: For humans, this can be any combination of Caucasian (white), African (black), Asian, Native American, or Latino (Hispanic). If it's another race entirely well... yeah.

Species: If it's not human what sort of unholy beast spilled its seed into another? Can be ignored if he/she is CLEARLY human. If he/she is a hybrid this is probably a good place to note it. You know, like if she's a catgirl princess tank-driving ninja ballerina stripper.
>>>>>Skin type: Should be noted. Draconian characters, for example, will have scaly skin (if s/he's a petting-zoo person) or just scales. Valid types include 'Normal' 'Fur' 'Scales' and 'Incorporeal' (no physical body eg. a ghost).

Age: Duh. If you can't figure this out get the hell off of this forum and play in the sandbox.

Occupation: The character's job. Teacher, nurse, author, etc.

Height: The spectrum for height varies. Women tend to be somewhere between 60" and 69" tall. Men tend to be 67" to 76" tall. (5'0-5'9 and 5'7-6'4 respectively). Exceptions DO exist of course, dependent on genetics, race, and plot. For example, a dwarf will be shorter than that, and a giant much taller.

Weight: Obvious. How much does he or she weigh? This isn't always necessary but can help give a general idea of his/her mass/build.

Build: This can give a better description than weight. There are about four general builds: thin, average, muscular, and lardass. Try to get the person's weight to match their build; this can be tricky though. If your character's obscenely tall they'll generally weigh more than a similarly-built person of a shorter height.

Hair Color/style: Self-explanatory. Do NOT use anime/unnatural hair colors (blue, green, etc.) UNLESS IT FITS THE UNIVERSE. This is acceptable IF THEY DYE THEIR HAIR. NATURAL HAIR IS NOT FUCKING PURPLE WEEABOOS DO YOU UNDERSTAND MOTHERFUCKERS? Okay, good.

Eye color: Eye colors are generally restricted to brown, green, hazel, and blue. Other colors can be acceptable under certain circumstances (white for a blind person, for example, another would be yellowed eyes due to jaundice, or red for a clearly inhuman character). This falls under the same rule as above: NO UNNATURAL COLORS UNLESS YOU HAVE A LEGITIMATE EXPLANATION SUCH AS COLORED CONTACTS.

History: This is where you include your character's backstory. Overdone stories include dead parents, molestation, and losing their job. Try to make it interesting if you do these things. This can make or break your Mary Sue. Unless it's intentional, do NOT DO NOT DO NOT FUCKING MAKE IT A SUE STORY. DO NOT MAKE HIM/HER OUT AS A GOFFICK VAMPIRE.

Personality: While you can choose to leave this out, if you have a large cast of characters this can help you identify him/her quickly, especially if he/she is fairly minor.

Abilities: Most human beings can leave this blank unless their occupation entails special knowledge/training. For example, a nurse would be professionally trained in first aid and patient care. A person working in a service industry should be easy to approach and helpful. You should list 'transformations' under here and perhaps make another section devoted to his/her alternate form.

Additional Anatomy: Wings, tails, etc.

Markings: Scars, birthmarks, tattoos, spots, etc.

THEME SONG: If you want to have a bit of fun including a theme song for the character can possibly round out (or flatten) your character. Choose wisely...


Essentially this is creating a series of events that happen to said character. Harder than it sounds to keep it interesting but it's the only way to get any real character development done. Common plots include death of a loved one/teacher/friend/pet, destruction of something held dear to him/her, or a crisis that forces them to join forces with a ragtag group of heroes (or villains!). It's up to you.

If you have any artistic ability it's often easier to simply draw your character. If not, find someone willing to hear you out and sketch them. Try to avoid making them look ludicrous unless you're enraptured by the idea of rainbow pimp gear.


-Seventh Sanctum should have EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you need to get going. Hilarity might ensue if you hit the random button...

Character Development template and guide Droppingithawt
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Character Development template and guide
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