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 Chaos of magic (mature medieval/fantasy rp)

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I can quit RP anytime I want. I just dont want to
I can quit RP anytime I want. I just dont want to

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Chaos of magic (mature medieval/fantasy rp) Empty
PostSubject: Chaos of magic (mature medieval/fantasy rp)   Chaos of magic (mature medieval/fantasy rp) Icon_minitimeMon Sep 27, 2010 9:28 pm


The kingdom of Minora, formerly a thriving and peaceful nation, has been thrown into chaos as the royal family has been assasinated leaving the province in disarray as the military of the province has declared itself a regime that will take over the land. With no real opposition, and the royal family dead, the towns within the province have little to no protection from the military regime that has now been established by the madman who ordered the assassination of the royal family, Melvir Mabeous

His military regime, called the arcanites, has developed magic, which formerly had no use at all in everyones day to day life, and were able to weaponize it. Now that they do they are dead set on preventing the public from being able to do it too. They would raid and burn towns and abduct children with magical traits/capabilities and kill adults since they are harder to brainwash. They raise these children to be spellwarriors, fighters well versed in both magic and magic, the most destructive force of the arcanites forces.

Many many towns have fallen to the arcanites forces, there are few area able to hold them back with thier own militia, it's destructive magic powers make them very fatal enimies to the militia of the towns that they decide to ravage.

Our story begins in the small rural town of Tyne where some refugees have arrived from nearby area that have been decimated by the arcanites. Little do they know, a small arcanite scouting group has began tracking them to find new places to pillage.

Rules & guidelines:

-MOST rpers will be of equal power (about a 1 on the super weight description). Some villian NPC's will have a 2-3 though most of the NPC standard forces are a 0 or 1 and therefore easier to be dispatched by the RPers. If any forces are strong I will make special note of it in italics as well as any DM'ing will be done in italics

-Death is a definite possiblity, you may be naturally more powerful than the NPC forces but there will also msot likely be ALOT of them. Also, anyone who finds themself surrounded is msot likely going to suffer a terrible fate.

-Though there is magic, it is only elemental, and not advanced either that means you can find creative uses for the elements of earth,fire,wind, and water ONLY. AGAIN no abusing this power of magic if you are given it, though creativity with it is fine. Also, magic will be categorized as minor or major. Minor magic means you can be at least a force of combat with it (ex: throw small fireballs or use air to levitate medium sized objects). Major magic will be more devastating and can be open to alot more creativity (ex: surrounding an area with fire or displacing air to lessen the lethility of a fall)

-Not everyone can be magical wizard of a wonderkid with immense magical potential. It just doesn't seem likely, though you can decide if you'd rather be a battle oriented militia man or just a blacksmith or even just a normal peasent who doesn't know much about fighting.

-As a DM sometimes I will play a godmod or something of the sort to advance the plot or make something interesting happen, don't hold this against me.

-No godmodding when fighting other non NPC characters, thoguh when fighting NPC forces do try to be abit realistic.

-this will have some mature stuff like torture,violence, really dramaic stuff like that so if it offends you then please do not join.

- I will be posting a lsit of special roels that may or may not be key to the plot, fulfilling these roles are optional but can be called dibs on or reserved by me for someone else. Also, some of these roles will have a higher super power weight than the average RPer. At max a special role may have a power weight of 2 (not 3 so as to present the RPers with a great challange). These role(s) are entrusted with people I beleive shall not abuse them or use them in a dick-ish manner. I will make a note of the power weight the special roles that are strong have.

-Also if you are a ahcracter who can both use magic and close combat you must alternate etween the two. Like you can't cast a fireball and also be using a sword and the same time, has to be one or the other. Though depending on what side you decide to become you can be trained to use both as the same time (2 special roles will have this ability)

Special roles (optional):

-Sage disguised as peasent (Power of 2) (taken) (capable of major magic)
-Sage's worker/assistant/apprentice (later on in story) (taken)(capable of minor magic later on)
-Captain of Tyne's militia (warning: very prone to death)
-Taveling mercenary (will be able to use minor magic, proficient fighter)
-Former resident/conscripted spell warrior (taken) (trained to use a combo of magic and close combat in combination)
-Tyne's blackmsmith
-Heir to Royal families throne (unbeknownst to them)
-Arcanite general (one of the main antagonists with a power level of 2, also won't interact ALOT with RPer's mostly NPC's until battles occur) (can use a combo of magic and combat)

Any other roles that arent the special ones you MUST be refugees from a neighboring country or just normal citizens of Tyne


Special role (if appliciable, if not, put down peasent or refugee)
Alligience: (Minorva or the arcanites)
Looks: (pictures accepted)



Name: Dustan Mckinnen
Special role: former resident/conscripted spell warrior
Age: 21
personality: Due to his position, he hides his emotion under the surface ALOT. He often shows the same arrogance and all around unpleasentness spell warriors do but as soonas his comrades leave and he is alone he will apoligize and try to make amends secretly. Really he is a kind hearted individual wanting to do good but he can't express that around the arcanites who are nearby him almost 24/7 or else he would put himself in danger. So he will rarely break the facade of douchebaggery unless he is truly alone or he is really impacted by an event.
Alligience: Minorva
Looks:Chaos of magic (mature medieval/fantasy rp) Warrior

History: Dustan used to be a resident of Tyne as a kid. Though one day while him and his family were traveling to a town nearby (which, unbeknownst to them, had been raided by the arcanites) they came into contact with an arcanite patrol which demanded they tell them where the family had traveled from, to be able to raid that town as well most likely, her mother and father gave each other a concerned look and whispered for him to hide in the coach as wlel as he could. As he did that he heard the sounds of a shortlived fight along with his mother seemingly screaming in pain and being quickly silenced. Then an arcanite soldier came into the coach to loot it and discovered Dustan, he at first seemed to make a move to slive him with his sword but instead he gave the kid a grin and forced him out of the carriege and onto a hrose to make way to a spell warrior training camp. The last thing he remembers as a child is running away from the site of his parents brutally murdered bodies getting farther and farther away.

As he arrived at the trianing camp he immediatly learned (or rather, was forced) to repress emotion. After many beatings and nights gone starved he finally learned to accept this and he repressed his emotions as best he could. Though his ahte for the arcanites still slowly burned within him. Just waiting for the time to get out. He was taught magic and became proficient with it, fire especially, so much so they called him "Dustan: the burning blaze of the battlefield". He despised being revered by the arcanites, but it let him have more leeway on raids to save those he could. He would pretend to ebat a person up or even pretend to kill them. Sometiems he would act like he was chasing a person down only to let him "get away". So far he has not gotten a good enough chance to rbeka away from the arcanites but now after hearing a report from a scouting party that a city that seemed to be called Tyne had been found and that it will soon be attacked. He thinks that this may be his one true chance to finally do soemthing good with the abilities that were forced on him...

(okay sooo just to let ya guys know I won't officially start the rp till we get our characters settled and stuff. That way no later joiners will come in and be confused)
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Chaos of magic (mature medieval/fantasy rp)
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