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 Rob's genius ideas

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Lord Wadelsworth British Roundhead
Lord Wadelsworth British Roundhead

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PostSubject: Rob's genius ideas   Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:16 pm

We should make the biscuit/cake aisle at the supermarket really thin, so fat people cannot buy them.

All criminals should have to wear bubble wrap, this way they're easier to notice and much more fun to catch.

When you send someone a letter, make up a fake address and use the real one as the "If undelivered, return to *real address you want to send to*", this way you can have them delivered for free.

Everyone should have their looks rated 1-9, and all couples must total 10.

Have a small water turbine in the toilet, every time you flush you can power a light bulb for a little bit.

Instead of the cord that goes around a hood in a coat, have a wire that headphones can be plugged in to.

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Rob's genius ideas
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